Everything was going great. Then Covid hit! Every industry got disrupted but few were affected the most. Theatre was one of them. So we wanted to do something so that we could bring this industry back on track! So we created Theatrify.

What it does?🎁

Theatrify is a minimal platform where you can Book Tickets, Book Theatres, Find Hosts that are looking to hire artists, Find actors/artists you being the host. By booking tickets we mean both via Zoom and physical. You can hire the event organizers here to invite you to your parties or even small family functions. We also introduced a feature called FindYourMate where we used maps and avatars to give you a visualization to show what people around you are watching/attending. We also have a newsletter feature. The newsletter sends news related to Theatre via email to all the subscribed users every day.

How we built it🛠

So firstly we designed and prototyped everything on Figma. We used react js to build the Figma designs of the sign-in, sign-up, and home pages. For the backend, we used Node js with the MongoDB database. For the newsletter, we used Twilio SendGrid and Google Cloud. We send the emails using the cloud run function and used cron to schedule a time. We take the news from NewsAPI. We used GoDaddy to get our domain and we hosted it on.

Languages and Tools:

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Challenges we ran into🎢

So there were some issues when we weren't able to replicate the designs into the front-end. We weren't able to create the FindYourMate feature properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🏆

So two of our team members are debutants in hackathons. This is their first-ever hackathon. The figma design was really good. We're proud of building it using reactjs, nodejs, mongobd, html/css, figma, and python in such a short amount of time considering the different time zones of our team members.

What we learned📚

We learned that we should never over-plan. We should plan according considering the time we have. And always have a backup plan!

What's next for Theatrify🔜

So we plan to achieve everything that we initially planned for Theatrify. We are planning to improve the design with time and implement what we wanted initially. And especially we need to complete FindYourMate feature as it could be our USP as its an age of building communities.

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