Students need to keep track of multiple information sources to get information about locations, faculty, process information, calendar details or to keep track of current events in the university

What it does

Cincy is a virtual assistant which answers user's queries about University of Cincinnati or it's entities. It also allows administrators to create events and add faculty information which will be shown to users if they ask about the same.

How we built it

We used a Azure bot builder sdk in python with a combination of Microsoft QnA service to create the Bot. The web admin part of it was created using Bootstrap and PHP

Challenges we ran into

Linking up the Microsoft Bot Builder to FB Bot was not successful. Hence deployment was not complete. For demonstration had to use local system with ngrok to receive messages from FB.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successful usage of MS QNA service. Building the bot and integrating it to MS QNA Service. Building basic web admin part using bootstrap. Building API Service to add events and faculty details.

What we learned

Using Microsoft Cognitive services

What's next for Cincy

Make it available for public. Add more features

Built With

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