There are so many movies in today's day and age, and sometimes it can be hard to choose what to watch, as such, we wanted to create a movie algorithm to organize and find better entertainment. We wanted to create an algorithm that organizes and finds movies based on genre.

What it does

Our program provides a few commands that the user can use to help with their movie searching experience. They can also create their own temporary movie database. Users can view a list of movies and their information, such as genres, directors, actors, and their duration using the commands 'displayinfo' 'moviewithinfo' or 'displayinfo' movie, which display movies and their information and the movie titles, respectfully. If a user does not see a movie on the list, they may use the 'addmovie' command to insert a movie. If a user wishes to be recommended a movie, they may use the command 'queuesearch', which essentially asks the user what genre of movies they like, returning the movie that best fits their criteria.

Challenges we ran into

We struggled with implementing the Python code with our website. We also didn't really know how to implement APIs with our program.


This was a cool mini-project to work on.

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