With the advancements in technology and digital transformation being rapidly embraced in day-to-day life, citizens are now much more comfortable in leveraging technology to improve their living as well as to help the community. We wanted to build a platform that would be citizen centric and make the governance more transparent.

The CIGMA (Citizens Intelligent grievance management application) platform will empower the citizens to actively raise issues, share suggestions and get their queries answered. They would also be able to track their requests until resolution.

What it does

When the citizens observe any issues in their community or if they have any suggestions, they will use CIGMA to raise a service request that will be sent to the administrative authorities of the council. This service request will include details like exact location of the issue (by leveraging google maps API), description, date, images etc. The council admin will be able to quickly narrow down on the issue and identify a remediation. After approvals from Councilor, required resolution will be provided. In future releases, CIGMA will be integrated with 3rd party contract systems to track end to end resolution.

How we built it

We primarily made use of App studio to build out the case life cycle, data model, personas and channels. We also used the out-of-the-box location control to integrate with google maps API. We made use of PEGA's digital messaging to configure a web chat.

Challenges we ran into

In order to enable web chat using Digital Messaging, we learned that a set of keys need to procured from PEGA to view the Digital Messaging manager. Also, Digital messaging is not supported on personal edition, so we had to setup a lab instance to make it work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build a solution that empowers the citizens to drive transformation in their community. Citizens will get firsthand experience of how PEGA solutions can simplify processes and also become core member of the digital ecosystem.

What we learned

As App Studio was closely leveraged for development, we learned some of the advanced options in terms of building views, data modelling and integrations.

What's next for CIGMA

CIGMA will expand with integrations to 3rd party contract systems that will help the Council to track the requests and issues within the application. NLP and process AI will be added to enhance the service experience for the Citizens. Also, the workflow and lifecycle of the Service Request will be expanded to match the processes currently in place for the UK Councils.

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