Coming up with a product designed for modern women who, besides their busy lifestyles, want to stay in touch with their bodies. Offering these users a practical, natural, and safe alternative for family planning and birth control.

What it does

Tracks basal temperature and sends accurate information about the ovulation cycle. It measures the temperature throughout the night and automatically sends the temperature from right before you get up from bed (removing the need for manual input). That's triggered by increases in your heart rate. The basal temperature is then sent to an app that analyses the information.

How I built it

We drafted and sewed a simple and comfortable raglan-style sleep shirt with channels that run along the seams. Using arduino and lilypad circuit systems, we hooked up thermal sensors that run to the underarm area, and a pulse monitor that would receive data at the neckline of the top. By running the wires through the inner channels of the top, we created a discreet and finished look.

Challenges I ran into

The technology portion of the project was the most difficult part since many of us did not have any coding/tech background. With our limited knowledge and restricted selection of materials, we had alter and work around certain ideas that we originally would have liked to implement.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even with all the challenges we encountered, we completed the prototype, which we are happy about. We're proud of how much thought we put into the original concept, because we learned a lot from each other, and found something we could all relate to.

What I learned

We learned a little bit about technology, about working under a time constraint, and working as a team. We learned a lot about each other :)

What's next for Ciclica

Looking at the prototype, there are certain things we would change to make it more viable. Reducing the size of the top so it could more accurately receive data. Also, reducing the technological components (breadboard, circuit boards into a bluetooth/chip) for maximum comfort. And if this was actually brought to market, the next step would be pairing Ciclica up with an App that analyzes the acquired data.

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