Students at UW have some difficulty listening to lectures at times. We wanted to empower students by providing a resource to improve their learning experiences in lectures. Our primary user group includes university students who attend lectures daily.

What it does

Our app, Cici, takes in real time audio data and provides closed captioning. Users can interact with a transcription that is produced through the audio files. Some interactions include defining, correcting, and translating a word.

How I built it

Our team used Android Studios, using Google's speech to text API.

Challenges I ran into

During the initial topic choosing process, our team had some struggles scoping down our topic. For the coding process, finding relevant code examples were a challenge. Furthermore, the example code we found did not align with the code language required for Android Studios. Thus, the major challenge during the coding process was translating the code language, since each had different libraries and syntax. Since our team had minimal previous knowledge, Dubhacks was a great learning experience for many of us.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have some wireframes and a working demo.

What I learned

Our members experienced a lot of growth in this hackathon. We learned to implement an app without much prior knowledge coming in.

What's next for Cici

Not all of Cici's features are present in our current demo due to technical constraints. However, we would like to implement the "bookmark," "define," "translate," and "error correction" features in the app. We would use the Google translate API and a dictionary library.

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