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Originally I was building a TCR for metadata about all types of DAO's. Useful for getting the DAO's contract addresses, its Twitter, website, etc.

Then I realised - why would I want to build an entirely new, boring economy around making an index? Hasn't Facebook shown that people want to connect already?

So I've build something which uses:

  • Google BigQuery to build a social graph of all ERC20/721 transfers
  • TheGraph (for fetching data from contracts using GraphQL)
  • 3Box - for user profiles and threads
  • Bootstrap for nice UI

The most important thing is to see is the SILKY SMOOTH UX. It is minimal, but well thought-out.

Originally this was going to be a registry, but then I realised that this isn't what the ecosystem needs. What we need is better communication mechanisms, that are digital org-native - ie. with membership based on tokens.

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