ci solution GmbH stands for CORPORATE IDENTITY (ci) We had centralized Software like Out-of-Office Manager wich works with Appointments, central signatures and so on. These project was build out of our free Desktop Software Out-of-Office lite wich is a sample project to work with new technologies inside a small project. Like React and MS Graph instead of and Azure AD Graph.

What it does

The CI-Out-of-Office for Teams allow standardize and centrally control absence notices company-wide. You can use these tool, which has already been awarded the IT innovation prize several times, to ensure a professional, uniform and corporate identity-(CI)-compliant Out-of-Office managment for Microsoft Exchange.

How I built it

We work as a Team on that Project where Raphael Lawo builds the new Web-Part on React.

Raphael Lawo used the JavaScript Library React with Microsoft FluentUi to create the Front-End.

@Manfred Extend the current Portal to handle customer and future subscriptions/payments. The ASPX based Project was rebuild for same comminucation as React Project API for communications.

Challenges I ran into

It was the first time, that Raphael Lawo used React. So it was quit hard at the beginning but in the end React is a lot of fun. It is quit easy to create a good looking Front-End.
The SSO made some problems because it was not clear how to set up the App Registration in den Azura AD. But in the end, everything works fine.

Move functions into Rest-Api for use in multiple requests looks easy but there are many depencies.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That everything is working fine. From the API calls via axios to parse the data and display it.
That the SOO works fine even it was hard to set it up.

Each new technology is a new challenge to win and at last is to include and different technologies wich are need for e.g. older Exchange Server Versions, so normally there are multiple technologies needed.

What I learned

How fast you can create a good looking Front-End with React.

At last the "less code" idea will change some "older thoughts"...

What's next for CI-Out-of-Office LITE

Out-of-Office Lite is our small Software for test new technologies. It is a LITE and easy version. Our plan for next steps:

  1. Real forwarding over rule
  2. Select another user when allowed by Group
  3. Complete EN / DE Configuration Language
  4. Make all Languages for user available and configurable

We need to find a "base" for that challenge. So many ideas, but the Time need to finish a start base.

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