As college students, eating out may not always be the viable option to enjoy a scrumptious yet healthy and affordable meal. This bot aims to introduce and recommend dishes tailored to user's dietary preference. Discover new food to prepare in your own kitchen, or head to the nearest restaurants and expand our palate!

What it does

Ramsay123 is a telegram bot, which interacts with users via customized keyboards. By choosing your preferable range of Calories, Protein, Fat and Sodium content in your meal, Ramsay123 recommends dishes based on your input along with professional ratings.

How we built it

We coded mainly on Python with python-telegram-bot APIs to create Ramsay123.

Challenges we ran into

We had zero knowledge of Telegram Bot design before the hackathon. It was challenging to code bots with no prior knowledge and minimal online resource. We also encountered problems deploying our bot on Heroku.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created our first Telegram bot! Well, technically second, we initially created a scheduler bot. Due to server issues, we had a change of plans, but we sure are satisfied with our end product, given the time constraints and limited knowledge in Telegram Bots and Python.

What we learned

How to create Telegram Bot. How to code in Python. (Lots of trial and error >.<)

What's next for CI - Ramsay123

More interactive and informative features such as dish details, link to recipe websites, additional dietary choices, user ratings etc.

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