Churn hurts business, be on top of which customers are going to churn to learn where the problems are and save business.

What it does

Connect your stripe account and set a email schedule for each plan (example: 5 days before 2nd cycle) and we will send your custom email to your customers. Then be able to analyze results and reach out to customers when they provide feedback or low NPS results.

How we built it

Mandrill for sending emails and Stripe Connect. Ruby on Rails application.

Challenges we ran into

All the different sorting options get complex but we were able to figure it out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Launching! And we're proud of the design and overall application at this state.

What we learned

Build fast, get customer feedback, iterate.

What's next for Churndown

Keep learning from our customers! Opening up support to one-time purchases as well.

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