Inspired by a demand made by one of our well-wishers who is also the owner of a Multi-speciality hospital. A summary of his advice was:

"Currently, hospitals rely on mass marketing campaigns to inform patients of a relevant treatment or drug available to further improve their health. Build applications that can help hospitals, patients, pharmaceutical companies, and health R&D companies with more efficient and effective ways of communication by hospitals for better health outcomes and targeted communication to prime patient groups for a new treatment/drug leveraging the power of data analytics. Your solution needs to manage the database of patient records and discharge summaries to identify patients who are good candidates for newly launched medicines, treatments etc."

That inspired us to go ahead and solve that problem of theirs.

The objectives of the Application:

  • To convert decades of handwritten hospital documents and reports into text and store it in a database for analytics.
  • To visualize the data and derive insights out of them for better health outcomes.
  • To have the database of patients and drugs at one place.
  • To apply a filter on those data and implement targeted marketing of new drugs and treatments.
  • To establish a perennial digital bridge between patients and hospital.
  • To implement above said using DrChrono APIs

How we built it

  • The web app is built by the front-end trio HTML, CSS and JS. We used some JS packages like chart.js to further enhance the UI. The back-end script was written in Python and we used Flask as the framework to connect both ends.
  • Our apps are designed to work cross-platform and hence we chose flutter and react-native respectively to build our apps. We used Jetpack for faster processing of tasks in our app.
  • We used Patient's list and Doctor's list DrChrono APIs and integrated that without web app.
  • We implemented a chatbot for doctors and new users that walks through the web app. We built that using and Dialogflow.

Challenges we ran into

The mobile apps were a bit challenging but we sorted it out in the process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the fact that we were able to come up with a working product and were able to create an enterprise solution for the problem statement that we took up and were able to successfully implement DrChrono APIs.

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