We have been inspired by our personal journeys and would love to help others self improve and become enlightened along their way. It was difficult to find resources, and we want people in underserved communities to have access to information, just as we do, being college students.

What it does

Chrysalis is a self improvement platform that provides resources all in one accessible place. Users can access any kind of self improvement and educational tools that they want and need, all while keeping track of their personal goals and progress throughout their year.

How we built it

We started from scratch, sketching wireframes on pieces of paper, and then we went straight into building a clickable protoype in Figma!

Challenges we ran into

Some teammates did not have prior experience with Figma, which presented challenges in developing all of the features we wanted to include

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to successfully build a basic version of each page and get the prototype to properly animate and work with user interaction

What we learned

How to use Figma, How to work in a team to combine our ideas into one big solution, Patience is a virtue, Communication is essential, and so is sleep!

What's next for Chrysalis

We hope that one day we can make Chrysalis a real product that helps people learn and grow to their fullest potential

Built With

  • figma
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