In our own unproductive lives, we find that time management and staying organized is hindering how productive we are. We wanted to create an app that would help combat this.

Initial Plans

Targeted for andriod phones To-Do task list Daily Tasks Calendar view of tasks Reminding the user to take breaks when working hard Prompting DND and disabling wifi and/or data to avoid the user from using social media and distracting themselves Brain exercising questions to do in your free-time when you don't have much to do but still want to be productive and learn.

What it does

The app allows the user to create multiple To-Do lists that does not cramp the screen and overwhelm the user because of the simple design, therefore the user is not as stressed and can hopefully be more productive.

How we built it

Using java, netbeans, and eclipse We split up to have 2 members working on the "backend" (how the data is saved and how the user interacts with it) and the other 2 members working on the "front end" (making GUI for the application)

Challenges we ran into

Time (too many good workshops ;-;) Lack of knowledge Debugging SLEEP Wi-Fi connectivity

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The amount we learned Creating a base model for one of the many elements we wanted

What we learned

Using netbeans and java to create GUI's File reading, writing, and modifying in java Error handling To have fun while working How fun hackathons can be

What's next for Chronos

Combining the GUI and the "backend" code To be able to create the app we first had in mind.

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