It can be a challenge to agree on a specific time to meet up and collaborate on a school project, especially since everything is virtual now. Just as we were working on this project, it was a challenge for us to meet up with our varying schedules. We were hoping that this app would help with that issue, and become just as useful for all the students trying to adjust to the virtual school set up.

What it does

It is a simple and intuitive app that lets users input their availability within 7 days through a grid-based schedule selector. Once combined with other users, these schedules will create a heatmap that visualizes the most optimal time to meet up for group projects, study sessions, or office hours with teachers. The darker the color in the heatmap, the more people are available. All users will be able to create an account and provide their availability, which they are free to edit at any time.

Technologies Used

Challenges we ran into

We encountered a lot of merging conflicts since we were working on different versions of the project, and we were trying to get a hang of using Github pull requests and issues. We also had a difficult time collaborating on this project because of schedule conflicts. But hopefully, our end result will help us with this issue!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned how to implement a grid based schedule selector for our app as well as create a heat map to combine all the availabilities together. We also became more knowledgeable with the different functions and features of Github.

What's next for Chronolo-Geese

We would like to integrate our app with other calendars such as Google Calendar and make drop your availability more customizable.

Built With

  • google-firebase
  • material-ui
  • react
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