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One of our international team-mates was studying the Chinese language and shared with us about the interesting Chinese culture behind the language. Based on our personal experiences and observations, we find that many Singaporean students have limited interest in Chinese culture and heritage, despite most of us having studied it for almost a decade. We find it quite regrettable because Chinese culture is very relevant today, especially in the globalised world. We wanted to incorporate this common experience and ideas into our game to rekindle/ignite an interest in Chinese amongst the players.

What it does

It is a fun and interactive game where the main character is teleported to another world to complete tasks to help him return to this world. The player also explores the Chinese culture, mainly centered around Chinese New Year traditions, through visiting various sites and talking to other characters in the game. The engaging storyline and hilarious interactions with game characters will keep the player entertained throughout the game, and amazed at some points.

How we built it

We used proprietary Japanese game-making software, aptly named RPG Maker, as a high level engine to design our game. In additional, we had to learn about JavaScript, Database manipulation using .json files, and also Flow Control to design the events of the game.

Challenges we ran into

Since we are new to game making, we were very excited about bringing our ideas to life and each of us had many different interesting ideas, which made it challenging at first to put all elements together and concretise them into one solid and coherent game idea. During the actual game making process, we created many other resources such as unique game puzzles, beautiful maps, and monster designs, that we did not get to use in this edition as we had to narrow our theme down to CNY tradition, given the limited time frame we are working with. Additionally, sample resources were rather limited in the game engine software and there were few East Asian resources assets that we could find online, so we also had to source for/ make creative changes to the resources available.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing the entire chapter 1 of the game, the very first product we ever made! It runs smoothly and beautifully, without any errors or regrets :) We have an artist on our team who created the original cover art! We think it looks amazing!

What we learned

Testing, debugging, time management and distribution of work in a game-making project

What's next for Chronicles of the Celestial Empire (天朝之传)

Potential improvements on our current edition include diversifying our mission events, enhancing our background art and developing it further into a multi-player game with more teammates.

Our subsequent editions will feature cultural experiences related to other Chinese festivals such as Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival etc.

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