When browsing through a library, it is important to return books to their original positions after taking them out. Although, frequently, a book’s initial spot can easily be forgotten leading to books being placed out of order or being returned damaged. At times, rearranging and reordering these books can take hours to even days. With the app ‘Chronicle’, book lovers will be able to easily access a book’s information without even touching the book itself. Not only does this save time, but it also allows users to quickly scan bookshelves and determine whether or not to borrow the book, while preventing damage or misplacement.

What it does

With Chronicle, users will simply have to take a picture of a book’s spine to easily view relevant information. They will also be able to access specific details of the book.


This project was made during the 2020 SET.Hacks() Virtual Hackathon. Team members: Nick Liu, Daniel Liu, Nithin Muthukumar and Jeannie Quach

How we built it

The mobile app was built using Flutter for the frontend. The API calls in the backend was done using Express.js. These calls included the Google Vision API for text extraction as well as the Goodreads API for book data.

Challenges we ran into

Originally, the app was to include an AR component. However, we had a great number of issues using the AR package in Flutter as the package is still very new and poorly documented. Additionally, other AR packages were difficult to use with Flutter; therefore, it was decided that there would not be an AR component in our project, in the interest of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

*Learned the basics of Flutter and created a working app within a limited time *Learned how many new concepts such as, dart, graphql, expressjs and js *Created a working camera scanner

What we learned

We learned about many aspects of front-end and back-end development. Our team was not familiar with Flutter and had to learn it for this project. We also had to learn many things about API requests and asynchronous code. Additionally, we learned the importance of researching packages and libraries before choosing to use them for projects.

What's next for Chronicle

*Figure out how to add AR in app *Create working ‘relevant info’ and ‘more info’ pages *Create an ordering books section

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