We wanted to play with the connection between phones and Magic Leap. We also wanted a way to make AR more social, personal, and emotional.

Some sources of inspiration: scrapbooks, hyperlinks + HTML, Myspace, memory palaces, Benedict Cumberbatch.

What it does

  1. Swipe images, video, songs, and 3D objects from your phone to AR
  2. Arrange and curate collections of objects into memories
  3. Save memories to "stickers" in the real world
  4. Share them with others

How we built it

Unity, C#, REST api, Magic Leap, React Native iOS app, Google Poly, Node.js backend server, Heroku server

Challenges we ran into

Web socket hell

Accomplishments that we're proud of

OMG it works

What we learned


What's next for Chronicle

  1. Dual-wield your phone in AR, i.e. more phone interactions
  2. Bluetooth connection from phone to Magic Leap (depends on Magic Leap API)
  3. Raycast snapping
  4. Eye gaze actions
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