What goes behind the scenes of a medical diagnosis is always often vague. The story, the process, and the why is often overshadowed.

What it does

It's a video sharing app where you can post videos about your medical diagnosis, find others experiencing the same, reach out to those who feel ill to in order to contribute to a overall purpose of creating a safe community to encourage and support patients.

How we built it

I used Swift on Xcode and a little bit of Ruby to use a few libraries.

Challenges we ran into

➡️Finding out what language to use since this was my first time building an App ➡️Better yet, figuring out how to code an app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

🏆Writing functional code that integrates Google Firebase, and UI libraries that create a functioning App letting users to sign up, upload videos and watch theirs & others too.

What we learned

A LOT! If words can describe how extremely cathartic it is to close down the tens of tabs I had in attempt to figure out how to install the "yarn" library or making the logos + titles of the UI in the correct position, then these are words I do not possess but rather these are things I learned and am just extremely happy to have.

What's next for Chronic Circle

🔨 Developing the UI to make it look more similar to the Figma design

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