This is the first serious project born within the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, the team composed of Francesco Spigno (me), Ilaria Patrociello, Alberto Panzera, Anna Arini, Maria Giubilato, Simone Serra Cassano, we embarked on this journey of research of a solution for the "negative states" of the human mind.

What it does

Through chromotherapy we managed to find, through research, the colors that the human psyche from different sensations, to each color we associated a gesture that allowed us to stimulate that sensation through color. In practice, through actions and elementary colors we managed to "soothe" some negative moods, all with different "mini-games" and attractive graphics. All accompanied by a plot that could be help in the flow of the user when he opens the application, a story of a small particle of light that chosen by fate brings colors into the universe to soothe the pains of others.

Last but not least, we "acquired" after the challenge a new member of the team, Federico Avano who with his composing skills is giving us the opportunity to introduce captivating and relaxed music at the same time in order to give the user the best experience I can have.

How I built it

The low-fi and hi-fi completely with sketch, whereas the assets of th epplication with Illustrator and Photoshop. The entire application built in swift, the main frameworks are : uikit for the management of all view, spritekit for the animation and the most importa CoreMotion to create different gestures using all the iPhone's sensors.

For future implementation, currently we are working with AVFoundation to implement new microphone "minigame".

Challenges I ran into

The challenge was to find an idea and develop it with the only milestones to use the iPhone sensors. The rest of the idea was born through the CBL process carried out within the group, with a beautiful Engage phase and an Investigate phase that continues today.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It really was a great success among the various mentors who judged our idea and our app, to the point of being "chosen" among the top 10 apps that met all the requirements of the challenge.

What I learned

Undoubtedly it was the first serious approach to the new environment that surrounded us, we all learned something, from prototyping to development with a software that we can say we know today, but which in October hardly seemed feasible.

What's next for Chromoverse

We will probably release the second of the three "beta" including two other planets and then we will go directly to the app store, the ideas are there, especially supported by the constant research that we have carried out and that we still continue to ask ourselves questions.

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