With Microsoft’s introduction of Windows 10, an intrusive return of Bing has occurred. All searches launched by the new Windows 10 feature Cortana are opened as Bing web links, so even changing your default browser won’t allow for the user to choose their search engine.

Chrometana is a Chrome extension written to bring back the important user choice that Microsoft left out; the choice of who fulfills your search requests. The frustration towards this issue inspired me to quickly code out a solution the night Windows 10 launched.

My frustration resonated through the Windows 10 user community, and Chrometana currently sits at a bit over 200,000 installs, and 130k "weekly users". Chrometana has also been covered by IBTimes and Gizmodo after a successful release announcement post on Reddit. The repository has received contributions from 4 others, and been starred 16 times. And of course, you can download Chrometana right now from the Chrome Web App store.

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