Researching startups and companies online takes time and you quickly end up with 50 open tabs and disorganized thoughts. ChromeCrunch brings together key company statistics, news and history using the CrunchBase API. Access data by opening the sidebar or hovering over a company name. It also allows you to organize your thoughts by taking notes on any webpage with the click of a button. Notes sync to all devices through Evernote. And your current notes will always be shown on the company's site.

ChromeCrunch is perfect for anyone who spends time every day exploring and researching companies. Users would include VCs, startup founders, investment bankers, and students to name a few. Research faster and smarter.


  • Sidebar with:
    • Key company data (from the CrunchBase API)
    • Ability to take notes in the browser that sync to Evernote and will always be there (for each company site)
    • Weather at company HQ (from the Weather Underground API)
  • Ability to hover over company names to get key company data (from the CrunchBase API)
  • Much more coming soon ;)
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