ChromeCtrl was spawned out of pure laziness. Sometimes getting up to hit pause on Netflix is just too much.

However, we soon realized that this system could be more than just a remote. If we could control videos playing in the browser, why not control other aspects of it too? This inspired us to transform ChromeCtrl into a browser accessibility system that allows users who are unable to interact with their browsers traditionally to control them using their voice.

What can it do?

ChromeCtrl allows users to manipulate their browser by speaking into an app on their phone. It supports a variety of activities:


  • Play/pause video
  • Fastforward
  • adjust volume
  • switch to full screen


  • Scroll up and down on a page
  • Move between tabs
  • Close a tab
  • Create a new tab
  • Select links & buttons
  • Search for a phrase
  • Go directly to common sites
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