once upon a time there a young boy called ryan swift. the next he grew up to be an old man. he now 50 years old. rip in piece ryan.

this extension is a hummus to Ryan Swift and all that he has achieved in this life. mainly, being a meme.

What it does

it replacses ryan swift with a true representation of him. i hope this changes the world, and if it does not, i am not sorry.

How we built it

love, sweat,tears, blahaj. also google. and stack oevrlow. and an outdated medium article. also ryan was our emotional support.

Challenges we ran into

i had to spend time debugging live on stream and that is always stress.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

i guess it works!!!

What we learned


What's next for chrome, (not presented by digi-key)

i am going to pass it off to ryan swift to enjoy. in fact, i think he should demo it in closing ceremony tomrorow. and also keep it forever.

Built With

  • chrome
  • guess
  • i
  • javasrcipt
  • love
  • ryan
  • streamyard
  • sweat
  • tears
  • too
  • used
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