Introducing ChromaTune, an exciting and colorful way to play music! ChromaTune is essentially a touchless piano - Simply wave your hand over a key to begin making music. Each key features its own color, which when hit illuminates the entire piano with lighting of that color. Create your own music, or follow along to some predetermined melodies in radiant color! ChromaTune is designed to be a fun toy for children interested in music.

The ChromaTune uses photoresistors to detect a shadow from hovering your hand above it, and converts that into tones playable via any audio jack. It uses Bluetooth to connect to a separate module which uploads the melody online using ethernet.

Who cares?

The kids care! (sort of) ChromaTune makes it easy for children to learn music by using bright colors, in the style of Simon Says. By associating sound with color, it has the duality of teaching colors and music simultaneously. If we simply played a melody, it would be difficult for children to follow along. But most importantly, ChromaTune is just an enjoyable and visually appealing way to learn music.

How it works

Upon turning on or hitting the reset button, the photoresistors read threshold values based on the current lighting in the room. Placing your hand above a photoresistor reduces the light entering the photoresistor, which correspondingly changes the voltage read by the Arduino. We compare this to the threshold value we measured. If the read voltage is significantly below the threshold, we illuminate the corresponding LED using the Arduino, and use the tone() function of Arduino to send a signal representing a corresponding frequency via a digital pin. This tone pin is eventually soldered to both the left and right channels of an audio cable, with the third channel of the cable representing ground. From there, anyone can insert their own audio cable to play via headphones of a speaker.

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