People relies heavily on color for remembering and identifying objects. Each object (or even part of an object) has a unique "color fingerprint". Wouldn't be great if we can leverage this unique color fingerprint to search in a way that was not possible before?

Enter "Chroma Recall"

With Chroma Recall you can create voice memos and associate them with objects or part of the object by scanning their color.

Later you can scan the object/location again and play automatically your voice memos.

There are a myriad of applications:

  • Inventory: Scan and identify objects for inventory without the need of barcodes.
  • Studying: Scan specific locations in an image to recall comments associated with that scene.
  • Bookmarking: Leave comments on a book without having to mark the book.
  • Museums: Listen items descriptions by scanning their color.
  • Identify any object by their color.

Delete the entries by swiping right.

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