All celebration are getting online now with pandemic going on and travel restriction. Christmas is one of the most exciting and wonderful holiday celebrated all around the world. Since all festive are celebrated online and the arrival of metaverse means the celebration will happen in the world of virtual reality. So this project is to bring the chsitmas to VR in a fun way possible.

What it does

Christmerse is a Windows virtual reality experience that allows people to see some of the Christmas things like Christmas tree, sleigh, Santa Claus, Winterland,etc., Also it takes the user inside the snowy world to experience the christmas while in VR. The application can run on windows with VR headset such as Oculus Quest with link ,htc vive, oculus rift. Connect a VR headset to experince the app in VR. In case there is no VR headset available, there is a fallback mode available which will run in Desktop mode(Non-VR) when VR headset is not found.

How we built it

Built with StereoKit to create the Mixed Reality experience. Built with c# , visual studio and 3d modelling, asset tools.

Challenges we ran into

Adding animations to the models and providing christmassy feel with the virtual reality experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bringing Christmas to VR and incorporating some of newly learned virtual reality design concepts.

What we learned

3d animations, texturing, vr concepts

What's next for Christmerse VR

Right now its more of a museum like experience, it is to be made as a celebration area with participants joining and having fun.

Built With

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