the inspiration behind this development was to allow anyone to have access to Spotify music on the go without the need of using mobile data or having Spotify premium

What it does

the program allows you to call a number which connects you to a call that plays a Spotify playlist full of Christmas songs

How we built it

we built the system using the python programming language and the all the API's needed to allow an audio file to be converted into a .wav file type while including SMS messages that informed the user about the song what was playing

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • using the Spotify APIs to gain access to the songs and import them into our system
  • calling the number and having a small starting message that informs the user about what number they have called
  • playing the songs through the phone call and having it sound somewhat of decent quality ## What we learned we have learned that using certain speech to text apis can be extremely difficult due to the lack of documentation they provided. also we found that the slightest error can cause the hotline to function incorrectly ## What's next for Christmas Music Hotline Speech-to-text support
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