Dylan was tired of having to text his parents to put items on his Christmas list back home and he wanted his dad to be able to get exactly the gift that he wanted without having to take all the time to send countless links

What it does

It organizes your Christmas list into 1 online place where you can "claim" a gift for someone so there is no confusion as to who is getting what. You also get exactly what gift you want because of online links! Plus, there is easy sign in with Google's sign in button!

How we built it

Django backend, and vanilla HTML and CSS (well SASS) on the front end

Challenges we ran into

We really had no idea how to do expandable forms in django... And still haven't figured it out... The day will come though!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Using Google API's is not too hard as long as you find the right website and set of instructions :) I (Alex) Learned a lot about the routing Django does and how to name routes and such, I have used the MEAN stack, but never Django by myself so that was interesting to learn about!

What's next for christmas-list

Most of the features are not actually visibly working! But we are working hard to make sure that you will be able to ease and simply your Christmas list experience before the holiday season is over!

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