Inspiration: Christmas is just around the corner, and with most of the team inexperienced in coding, we wanted to choose something easy.

What it does: The website has a calendar, countdown, and area to input reminders for the code.

How we built it: We built it using HTML, and tried to focus on design.

Challenges we ran into: Understanding new concepts and learning a new language (HTML). Additionally, only one of the members of our team who came from the first day showed up, and the other member that attended on Sunday only stayed for a few hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: The countdown clock and the design of our website.

What we learned: How to code in HTML, design techniques, how to compile/insert code through Github, and how to work under pressure.

What's next for Christmas Countdown and Prep: We want to try and clean up the website and make better functioning tools. We're going to keep coding until presentation to add more features and make the website as beautiful as possible.

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