1 in 5 adults experience a mental health concern in the past year with over 17 million US adults being impacted from co-occuring substance abuse use disorder and mental illness in 2020. Having a mental illness not only affects global citizens however, as mental illness can also tie into other health illnesses and ailments such as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases which can also impact individual wellness.

Due to the many health concerns that citizens face, many corporations and workplaces have started to invest in wellness offerings and programs to help provide support for their employees and avoid further health complications. More than 9 in 10 organizations offer employees at least one kind of wellness benefit, and more than 3 in 5 have dedicated “wellness budgets,” expected to expand by 7.8%

We worked with Community Health Resource Center, a company that strives to ensure the well-being of corporate employees through its health education programs. CHRC aimed to launch a new service to develop a wellness platform for corporations to purchase services, which would then lead to a matched offering community-based health service. We created a website flow depicting what the typical checkout process would look like for corporate HR to view and purchase CHRC’s services for their company.

What it does

We listened to the challenges and pain points CHRC is currently facing. Servicing the end users, corporations, are currently done through emails or phone calls and users do not have ability to view all services in one stop shop. All services need to be verified by CHRC before making the final sales.

We created a dashboard web-app called the "CHRC Enterprise Dashboard" that offers a one-stop shop solution that corporate partners can access to enroll in service offerings, track and analyze employee engagement, sign up for community programs, and much more!

How we built it

We had a stakeholder interview to identify the target user and understand the business's current pain point in relation to breaking into the corporate employee wellness program industry. After synthesizing the insight gained from this interview, we completed a competitive analysis to understand what is currently offered and potential competitors.

We used: Figjam to brainstorm, create affinity maps, create task flows Figma to develop our prototype.

Challenges we ran into

Time limitations resulted in missed opportunity to code the project Lacked time to conduct usability testing to observe the user interactions with prototype Spent a lot of time of attempting to address more than the MVP 1 teammate dropped out

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Synthesizing data from the stakeholder interview and generating mid-fi prototypes within the short amount of time was something we were successful at once we got into the groove.

What we learned

Prioritization of main user flow and problem within the general problem stated was a main thing we learned from this experience.

What's next for CHRC Enterprise Dashboard

Restructure the landing page as a pitchdeck Determine the community impact of services Full demo and build of other features within the dashboard

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