Sometimes, we have one or two leftover groceries that need to be cooked soon. What are some good recipes where this food could be put to use instead of being wasted, and how can we stay health conscious while choosing a recipe?

What it does

You can run these ingredients through the search bar and we'll recommend you some delicious recipes. Results can be prioritized by calories, fat content, sodium content, protein content, and recipe rating.

How we built it

We used a combination of JavaScript and Python (Flask) as a back end. Python was used to process a large data set obtained from Kaggle and JavaScript connected Python to the front end HTML.

Challenges we ran into

New technologies; we had very limited (if any) experience with JavaScript, and some of the tools used in Python were also unfamiliar. HTML/CSS were also areas we had only dabbled a bit in before. Processing data was very difficult; there were a lot of unusable values that had to be cleaned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of and what we learned

We successfully built a basic but functional web app, despite these challenges. We learned how to wrangle data and some basics about passing data through web app routes.

What's next for Chow Down

There are a lot of features that we would like to add. We want to expand the query to include more search options, ingredients, and more. We also want to include more datasets to run our queries on and have a "recipe of the day" or some general recommended recipes.

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