Problem Statement

Students at School and College level (Matric, FSc, O/A Level) often face difficulty in finding help for the academic problems which are either overlooked or not addressed properly in a class room environment. The problems can be that of understanding a simple concept or grasping a complex logic, or being stuck with an Algebra, Physics, Chemistry (etc.) question, or it can be a case where the student needs a helping hand with an Assignment.

There are also those students who always need extra assistance with their studies to excel, or having a hard time with some particular subject.

Traditionally, these students look for teachers to meet their after-school/college academic needs which is generally available in the form of joining an 'academy' or hiring a tutor. These options, however, are subject to a number of factors and the foremost is the "affordability". Even for those who go on to join an academy face similar classroom environment which has previously created the need for joining the academy.

Proposed Solution

The project "Chota Ustaad" aims at providing a Web & Mobile based platform where students can come together, connect, and get help from Senior and Bright students.

The platform provides the ability for students to help each other via video interactions, instant text messaging, community discussions, knowledge sharing, and location based search to arrange a meetup for an interactive learning experience. Being a community platform, the system is designed around student profiling and reputation building. The platform will be secured with privacy measures, peer rating & reviews, and verification mechanisms.


The platform also offer means for students to earn money by providing paid lessons upon subscribing a package. Likewise, students can buy packages to remove usage restrictions for extended functionality.

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