Doing chores can be fun and rewarding!! Earn points and badges. Share with family and friends.

Punishment -- (for those that need extra motivation) -- chorify can withhold password information to your wifi, or favorite online accounts, until your spaces are recognized as clean by the tessel camera.

How it works

Chorify! Tessel Camera --> PubNub --> Web App --> Sinch The tessel camera can take pictures of the space you want to keep clean. The camera is initialized with a "clean" picture to compare all other pictures too. The user can set their own rules - how often should the camera do a "clean sweep picture" of the area?
For example, everyday there can be a clean check in at 6pm.

PubNub Our backend compares the perceptual hash of the new image at 6pm against the original image.

Web App The results are sent to PubNub and up to the web app Chorify. From Chorify, the user will receive an email notification. They will be rewarded with points and badges via email if the room is clean!! They can also compare and share their results with other users (friends and family)

Sinch If the room is clean, a text message will be sent through Sinch to reveal access codes. For example, a parent could restrict access to the wifi network or netflix account until their teen's room appears "clean" to the tessel camera.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Chorify

More badges! More sharing! More rewards! Happy Chore Times.

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