We have all had bad roommates who don't help out with chores and making sure that the dorm or house is kept in livable human condition.

What it does

It allows roommates to keep track of chores and to make sure that roommates don't do an unfairly few amount of chores. Each chore is assigned some monetary value. When a roommate completes the chore, they claim that they have done it (to be confirmed by other housemates). This way, everyone contributes to the maintenance of the house, whether through doing chores or through monetary compensation.

How we built it

With Java in Eclipse, all contributing with Github

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

GUI is hard and unpredictable.

What's next for ChoreCharge

We want to clean up the GUI and move the computer application to iOS and Android (mobile platforms).

Built With

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