Imagine everyone looking for an apartment came with a Roomie Score. Roomiezen helps get home chores done without hard conversations, and scores roommates on how well they do it.

How it works

Roomiezen is a fresh take on the chore wheel that transforms tidying up into a fun competition. Connect with your roommates, add your chores, then spin the wheel and you're off and running. Roomiezen will send you reminders, give you points for getting your chore done on time, and the sooner you finish it, the better your chances are of getting a more desirable chore for next week. If you don't do your chore, you'll not only lose points off of your Roomie Score, you'll also have to pay a fine. Roomiezen gives clean freaks the credit they deserve for always cleaning up, and gets sloppy roommates motivated to pull their weight.

Roomiezen also provides a powerful networking tool for apartment-hunting. Prospective tenants can show their Roomie Score to prove they are worthy housemates, and landlords can use the score to screen out duds.

Challenges I ran into

We spent a lot of time figuring out the perfect way to fairly allocate and incentivize chores in a way that would actually motivate people to do them, which meant we spent a lot of time hashing out those details before we started building. Ultimately though, it was good that we had a very clear outline of our product when we finally started coding.

What's next for Roomiezen?

Roomiezen has the potential to be a one stop shop for roommates to manage their apartment. We plan to add a shopping list to help roommates keep track of communal goods like toilet paper, and a bill calendar to track recurring household bills. Integration with a payment app will allow expense sharing. Ultimately, Roomiezen has the potential to change the way roommates find each other. The Roomie Score lets room renters find a roommate who's proven they can contribute to household chores, and it gives room seekers with high scores a competitive edge in the search.

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