Chore Board

Chore Board creates a point-driven economy to manage and balance tasks/chores for roommates, group projects, families, or work places.

Within the app, there are two sections of chores:

  • Private Chores
  • Public Chores

Private Chores

Within the private chores catagory, users will find their typical chores that need to be done regularly. With each chore there will be a point value assigned. Upon completing the chore, the user recieves these points in their bank.

Public Chores

Within the public chores catagory, users will find two different types of chore.

  • The first type are chores that don't need to be done on a regular basis and benifit the entire group. Users will see this chore and -depending on how much they don't want to do it and how urgently they think it needs to be done- will add points to the jackpot that someone will recieve upon completing the chore.
  • The second type of chore are chores that originally started out as private, but the original owner was not able to complete. The owner would submit the chore to the public section and add a bounty of points someone would get for completing the chore.
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