Make a playlist. Add songs. Vote.

Wait, what is this?

Chord is a quick-and-dirty hack that was made in about 18 hours. It allows users to create interactive playlists where others can go to the playlist, suggest tracks that should be played somewhere (like a hackathon or a trendy restaurant!), and have the most liked tracks (or all of them) exported to a playlist.

Chord was written for Node.js using Sails.js for the MVC framework, Passport for authentication, and Spotify APIs for exporting tracks to playlists.

You should probably know...

Several features weren't properly implemented or implemented at all due to the limited timeframe for this project, as well as the fact that it's essentially being abandoned for a rewrite that focuses on mobile devices first. These features are:

  1. Live Playlists. These were supposed to be more stream-like and allow the use of a Pandora station or Spotify playlist when songs weren't being queued from voting, and would have been powered by Socket.IO. CodeDay had been going on for 16-ish hours by the time I wanted to write this, and there were more pressing bugs that needed to be fixed. And I needed to sleep.

  2. Unlisted Playlists. Playlists don't actually have a central list other than the list that shows up per-user when they log in. They can only see their own playlists anyway so this setting is redundant.

  3. The People Tab. People aren't listed either due to time restraints and a lack of detailed fields on profiles.

I want to use this. What do I do?

Chord isn't running on any particular platform as I'm in the process of rewriting the whole thing and focusing on mobile first. A more technical description with installation instructions is available on GitHub.

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