As college students, we're faced with a lot of problems when it comes to cooking. Sometimes, we're too busy to do grocery and can only cook with what we currently have. We also try to eat as cheaply as possible. And during exams time, it's very hard for us to have enough time to cook something.

What it does

ChopChop takes note of the ingredients that you currently have, your budget, and your available time then finds you recipes that suit your needs. To make things even faster, you can also take a picture of your ingredients and ChopChop will recognize and add it to your list!

How we built it

  • Ionic - We use Ionic so we can build to multiple platforms and use the native camera API.
  • Angular - With Angular, each of the members can work on different components with no worries of conflict.
  • Firebase - We store our data on Firebase because it's easy to use.
  • Google Vision API - We use this API so the user can easily take picture of the ingredients that they have.
  • Algolia - Our app is powered with Algolia search engine so we can look up recipes almost instantly.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the members are new to TypeScript and Angular.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished the project before the deadline!

What we learned

We learned a lot about front-end development using the Angular framework. We also learned how to utilize multiple APIs to power our app.

What's next for ChopChop

  • Use available market data to determine the price of ingredients and calculate a more accurate cost of the recipes.
  • Add filters for allergies and/or preferences.
  • Calculate nutritional values of the recipes.
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