We are passionate about solving the issue of malnutrition in Ghana and the rest of West Africa. Access to internet has helped make social media a powerful tool to impact large populations, so our game leverages Facebook and social networks to encourage people to eat healthy and keep each other accountable.

How it works

A Facebook social game to encourage healthy eating and lifestyle - accessible by anyone with a Facebook account in Ghana, West Africa... and the world!

  • Play with your ChopBuddy, a personalized, dynamic avatar based on your lifestyle and diet
  • Get tutorials on healthy eating, nutrition, diet tips
  • Log your food using our database (with Ghanaian staple foods like banku, fufu, etc.) and get customized recommendations for better eating
  • Compete with your Facebook friends and their ChopBuddies to be the “healthiest”
  • Earn or buy “Treatz” at the Treatz Store for your ChopBuddy

Challenges I ran into

Nothing out of the ordinary, just constant internet disruptions, 'dumsor', constraints with resources (software developers, graphic designers, equipment).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Keeping the team together under very stressful conditions, deciding what would make it into the final 'MVP'

What I learned

BYOF (Bring Your Own Food), friends don't always make the best hackathon companions, random people can amaze you, in a good way, hackathon networking is the most valuable aspect in my humble opinion, finding time to lend a helping hand to others, it always comes back to you, always.

What's next for ChopBuddy

PreAlpha, closed Alpha and Open beta testing, multiplatform ports Multilingual supports, pushing full Ver. 1.0 launch

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