We created a console-based adventure game where the user decides how they want their story to progress. We took inspiration from Halloween! This game was built using Java and the IDE used was Eclipse.

As we are all first-years and this is the first time we have ever collaborated on a project, we did have our share of challenges. Our issues were mostly related to sharing code and putting all the individual parts together, however, with clear communication and flexibility we were able to figure it out. We also had some trouble with a logic error, but we all were able to get on a call and work it out by brainstorming solutions.

During the process of creating this game, we also began working on a GUI, however, due to time constraints and all of us being in different timezones, we were unable to integrate our java file with the GUI. The code for this is on our repository as well.

We are extremely proud of being able to hand in a complete project, with working code, as at the beginning of the hackathon we weren't sure we would be able to!

We learned the value of collaboration, and how another pair of eyes (or two pairs), can really help you think about solutions that wouldn't even have crossed your mind. We also learned how to use Github through the workshops and while uploading the code!

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