Since our team is full of foodies, we decided to go on the cooking track and make a interactive website that could bring foodies from all over the world together to our website (Chompas) to share their experience to a broader community. We thought people could hunt for their own food (similar concept to Pokemon Go) but during the pandemic when people aren't able to go out, they can use the street viewer to achieve a similar experience.

What it does

Chompas is an interactive website that allows users to discover new recipes while exploring the streets of different parts of the world. Users can also share their recipe on the embedded google form and take a fun quiz to see what kind of dish they are!

How we built it

We collaborated on using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. We also integrated the GoogleMaps API for the street viewer.

Challenges we ran into

  • On our team of five, it was three of our team members first time hacking, and the whole experience was new to them, making it hard to adjust.
  • We have never used Google APIs, so it was our first time implementing it in our code.
  • Since our server was crashing, and there were many errors, we had to move our entire project to a whole new platform.
  • Since this hackathon is virtual, we couldn't communicate as easily when our internet was lagging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Despite the challenges, we made sure to maintain constant communication and frequently update each other on our progress.
  • As a newly formed team, we were able to complete the website that we planned of within two days.
  • Initially we all had various different ideas, but we were able to decide on a project that incorporated some part of everyone's initial ideas.

What we learned

  • Communication is the most important key for team work.
  • It's okay to ask help from other mentor and teammates.
  • How to integrate the GoogleMaps API through JavaScript.

What's next for Chompas

  • We want to improve our back-end to collect data and feedback from the users more smoothly.
  • Add more features for a more enjoyable user experience.
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