It was the best out of the 4 assigned. Tired of putting 1s or 2s in chat.

What it does

Real time polling on good, evil, or neutral for the streamer and their community/chat.

How I built it

Drew it out first on paper Configuration service Added bits cause you always gotta be baking that bread to obtain it / getting that quan Kept it somewhat simple because I don't like extra work as a viewer but I still want to participate but not really but I do and I can't be bothered with more work but I still want to give my opinion so don't shame me about it

Challenges I ran into

A lot of setting up. Too many variables getting developer rig going and terminal time. I had a lot of time on google because I don't work in the dev world anymore (git commands, python commands, etc.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's somewhat workable. A few bugs but that's what makes it fun. It was good getting back into it (dev that is) and getting feedback from my friends at Twitchcon who happen to be streamers and being able to tell them the story.

What I learned

It's a lot of work to get this going.

What's next for CHOICES

Maybe it'll be finished later on or not, probably will.

  • Disable buttons when not active
  • Show real time #'s for viewers (maybe, we like the streamer to control the story)
  • Custom emotes/images for good, evil, neutral
  • Lock down how much you can vote per second
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