One of our favorite content creators recently had their content demonetized by YouTube. These creators struggle day and night to create the best content for their fans, and depend on these streams of revenue to continue creating content. However, in some scenarios such as these, creators become disenfranchised by existing platforms. We're trying to fix that by letting users decide what creators' content is worth by leaving sponsorship up for auction to a limited number of people, so that creators can interact more closely with their sponsors as well as have a more reliable revenue stream to continue creating content for their fans.

What it does

We've developed a social media app that creates a marketplace for creators and their fans. Users can post videos and bid for sponsorship of their favorite creators for access to exclusive content. Creators specify a limited number of spots for sponsorship and the market decides how much the sponsorships are worth (and thus how much content creators themselves make). Such a system results in purer motivations, fairer compensations, and much better content.

How we built it

We built our app using React Native front-end with Node.js server that interacts with a MongoDB database. Additionally, we store and stream videos using the blockchain platform.

What's next for choco

  1. utilize smart contracts to manage user access levels
  2. implement weekly auction for sponsorships
  3. improve current interface in terms of user experience
  4. inject video recommendation engine
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