Our inspiration was noticing and learning about resources and opportunities that GSU has to offer but it seems that not a lot of students know about it.

The goal

The website's goal is to find and condense those resources and opportunities into categories based on the academic departments. It also provides a forum and blog posts where former and current students can share their ideas, experience, and things they know to inform other students and what they wished they knew.

How we built it

We build it primarily with WordPress, HTML, and CSS


We ran into hosting issues, bugs, lack of formal training in web development, and organization issues, and access to big data. Cybersecurity concerns

What are we proud of

We are proud that we accomplished the primary goal and what we learned so far with our technical skills.

What I learned

I have learned the principles of web dev, project management, and the entrepreneurship mindset.

What's next for CHK GSU

Keep building and maintaining the website so that it eventually becomes an official part of GSU. Fix the cybersecurity issues and keep adding more resources for students.

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