Have you ever had questions or wanted to say something during a lecture but didn't want to raise your hand? Did you fear how people would think of your question/comment?

What it does

Chit Chat is a real time anonymous solution. Users can create tags for anything from classes to events. The tags you and others create will only show up if you're within a 1 mile radius from the point of creation.

Since everyone is anonymous, you can ask the questions you have without fear.

How we built it


  • Vue.js
  • Sockets Client


  • Node.js (Express)
  • Sockets Server

Challenges we ran into

  • First time programming with sockets
  • First time doing backend
  • First time programmer

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Got a working app that works on all devices

What we learned

  • Sockets
  • First time hackathon'ing

What's next for

  • Engagement analytics during the events
  • Allowing people to join tags outside of their geofence with an invite code
  • Users can message each other directly to exchange personal information
  • Create a blacklist of words to filter the messages

Built With

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