Coming up with topics to talk about over dinner with my son and husband was sometimes a challenge, especially because of how busy our lives are. This skill is for parents and their children to stir up conversations that make you laugh, help families get to know each other better, and, to be honest, put down their phones and talk IRL. I hope this skill helps reinforce relationships and bonds, as I’m a huge believer that dinner time conversation is important.

This skill can be used for conversations over dinner or even during long road trips.

What it does

The skill contains a library of carefully crafted and age-appropriate questions that children as young as five can participate. After you invoke the skill, you will get your question and an instrumental song chosen to set the mood plays for 90 seconds. After that, the skill will ask if you need more time. If you do, the song will play again. If not, you’ll get another question. Simple yet effective.

How I built it, s3

Challenges I ran into

Curating age-appropriate and universal questions took some time. Designing for voice was also a new challenge for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've talked about building something that got families talking, but it didn't feel right as a mobile app. I'm proud to finally have found a way to execute this concept in a way that is much more fitting.

What I learned

I learned so much about the AWS universe of products including Lambda, s3, and DynamoDB. Also, editing mp3s for use in s3.

What's next for Chit Chat

I will be expanding beyond the current 50 questions and adding more music.

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