I was visiting Austin, and the taxi services (Uber/Lyft) were extremely pricey, and it was taking too long to get a car at a traditional rental service.

What it does

Chirpy Rides is a hyperlocal car rental service, which allows users to rent out an array of Ford vehicles with just their phones


With strategic checkpoints distributed widely around cities (imagine car garages, shopping centers, university lots, etc), users are able to check out and check in vehicles at their desired location.

Keyless vehicle access

This can all be done without going through a middle man or acquiring a physical key. With the FordConnect API this becomes easily accomplishable, as we're able to provide users with a time-generated digital key that's accessible during their ride.

How to use Chirpy Rides

📝 One-time registration

📌 Locate a car near you

🗓 Reserve car

🔑 Unlock car with Chirpy App and drive off! 🚙

🏁 Return Chirpy ride after using anytime at any Chirpy checkpoint

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