The Name

The name "ChirProtection" comes from, as you can probably guess, the words "chirp" and "protection." Much like companies similar to "She's Birdie," I wanted to include that birds chirping element as an indication of the alert integrated with this mobile and watch app. Further, the "Chir" part of the name correlates with the large number of women and non-binary individuals who face abuse and violence without directly using the women pronoun "she/her." While "chir" is not commonly used by the non-binary community, I hope it adds an element of inclusivity that other companies lack. Further, this app is for all people, including men, but the name just gives homage to the individuals who have to face these challenges every day.


With university just over the horizon, I felt the uncomfortable feeling of isolation and dissonance creeping back in. Every time I spoke with my classmates, the issues of personal safety and needing to "fix" our "quarantine bodies" always came up. While workout and health apps exist, I found there to be a lack of apps designed around wellbeing, and that's exactly what I sought to make. This app combines the mobile app experience with a watch app giving users the accessibility that best suites them.

What it does

This app has two main features – physical safety and emotional safety. As women and non-binary individuals, we have become accustomed to the unfortunate reality that we need to protect ourselves when we go out. This app shows the user where mass volumes of emergency calls were made and provides the user with multiple ways to alert friends or emergency personal should they be in that position. The second component, emotional safety, comes from the all to familiar push towards having that "perfect body." Rather than focusing on diet culture or obsessive exercise, ChirProtection focuses on the wellbeing aspect of exercise, and challenges users to find what journey best supports them. It also offers notifications for medication, appointments, and all other health related topics.

How I built it

Most of the UI is currently only on Figma since I wanted to focus more on developing the backend. The map security feature was coded using a GeoLocator API in Python on the Jetbrains platform. The workout (and nutrition) tracking features were built using Google-Cloud databases on AppSheet.

Challenges I ran into

The most prominent challenge was just working with Xcode. While I did do some of my planning on Xcode, it seemed like the software was just taking far too long to load.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think the map with the 911 call data is really cool, and I was really excited when I got it to work properly. I want to learn more about the GeoLocator API since it seems like a really powerful and useful tool.

What's next for ChirProtector

Developing this into a full app of course! I truly do want to be able to create this app and have it accessible to everyone in the future. Despite the implications being upsetting, I've noticed a huge need for an app like this, especially for young and middle aged women. One of my biggest stressors about university is the security aspect, and I think an app like ChirProtector could really help me feel secure and connected.

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