chirp io provides a platform for creativity on the idea of transferring data over sound, we found this intriguing and naturally we wanted to test its limits

What it does

ChirpArt is a multi language program that provides users with the opportunity to express their artistic skills in the form of drawn art, and continues the theme of art by allowing the user to transmit their creations to their friends and family through's unique transmission system of sound. The artwork is encoded and transmitted to "listening" hosts who would like to view the art.

How we built it

We decided to go with what we know and first create the drawing platform in the language were all familiar with - java. Then we worked on the Chirp io SDK to receive the drawn data, and chirp it via the host devices speakers. once correct transmission was achieved, we researched and created a "listening" android based phone app that allows the drawings to be transmitted.

Challenges we ran into

we initially wanted to use hardware and especially the Leap Motion to allow the user to draw in 3D space and then transmit their drawing to the host machines. However, the SDKs available did not play well with the code we had created and we were unfortunately unable to complete the 3D input portion of our hack using the Leap Motion.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Were proud of the fact that the Chirp io SDK was released late at night yesterday in a language we were unfamiliar with - python, and we managed to understand the Methods and functions available to use, and end up with a program we are proud of.

What we learned

this project was a massive learning curve for the whole team. We learnt a new language called python, and a new development environment for android applications with their own respective syntax's and code structure, and how to link certain languages that we knew such as java, with the limited knowledge we had of other languages like python.

What's next for ChirpArt

We hope to extend the program to include the 3D sensor input, and also extend the drawing environment to allow for different colour inputs and other artistic features that make the program more appealing to users of an artistic nature.

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