Inspiration - We've been inspired by the tunes that were sounding like robotics sounds to us.

What it does - Our project is a virtual treasure hunt puzzle platformer game based on the interaction between PC and Android.

How we built it - We built it through Android Studio for the Android Interface (Java), Sublime Text Editor for the SDK (Python), and Unity for the actual videogame (C#).

Challenges we ran into - Implementing the API into the game, coming up with meaningful narrative, adapting the Android interface to the actual game and finding a way to translate the Chirp tunes effectively.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Creating a whole new fully functioning app for the API (Robot Translator (!!!)) that allowed us to progress in the creation of our videogame!

What we learned - Programming for Android, basics of Python, and that data can be transmitted through sound (how cool is that?)

What's next for CHIRP_BOT - Publishing the Android app on the Play Store so that the game can be played by everyone, and if it gets popular maybe developing a more complex Chirp tunes-based version of it!

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